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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ
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hi thar ^-^
im narcista! i was born in japan, but currently, i live in Hungary ^-^ In this journal, you'll see alot of spazmatic moments about my oh-so-fantastic life and fandoms. lets be friends anyway! xDD

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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ [userpic]

GAAAH its already sunday~~ *headdesk* it was such a looong week...just when i thought i can have a long rest, school's coming tomorrow...good grief.

i have a math test tomorrow, but i havent studied at all...im really not sure if i can do well on it, but who cares~ nahaha
i'm prolly not doing good anyway.

im failing science right now because my teacher gave me a 40% on one of my projects. how harsh can people get in this universe? geeez maybe a little mercy will be nice.

my iPod might be dying...not AGAIN!!!! arghhh

Mood: calmcalm
Listening to: 倖田來未 - Come Over

Yes, I deleted that on purpose. XD

Sundays are so evil. DX I hope your Maths test went well sweetheart. ♥ *drop-kicks your Science teacher* What was she thinking? Oh well one day when you leave school you'll be able to give her the finger. XDXDXD