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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ
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hi thar ^-^
im narcista! i was born in japan, but currently, i live in Hungary ^-^ In this journal, you'll see alot of spazmatic moments about my oh-so-fantastic life and fandoms. lets be friends anyway! xDD

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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ [userpic]
hmm wtf

okay somehow, LJ isnt showing my entries no longer unless people come directly to my LJ. i asked dear nani_kumi and figured that out 0__0

so....how the hell do i get it f-locked correctly!?!?!?
all i have to do is just set my posts to friends only everytime right?
im making this one public just to make sure

anyway we dont have school tomorrow because its Thanks Giving!! its usually a week off in the states, but since we dont live there, its only a day :/ poop
My American friends are all celebrating them with Turke, Pumpkin Pie and all that nice stuff...i want some too~~im so hungry right now i cant wait until mom finished making the Lasagna *drools* xDD

its not snowing anymore...but its damn cold!!! gaah.
gonna go drink some hot tea~ *waves*

PS: "The Little Shop of Horrors" has been cancelled due to the lack of interest"
LOLZ. this sign was posted everywhere around the hall after the last period. i felt so guilty!! xDD damn funnie though. i didnt like that play anyway. i hated it when i watched it in 6th grade. its about this plant that eats ppl and grows bigger and bigger or something like that...qu'est ce que le point?

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LJ is messing up pretty badly in almost every single way at the moment T___T

Well we don't even get a one day of thanks to Thanksgiving, plus we have exams at the moment. So yeah we really do not celebrate it here XD

yeah...i had to send them an e-mail xDD

ohh exams. i have mine in January. :/ i want to celebrate, but my family doesnt give a shit. xP

Yay for sending them an e-mail! I should too although I have already got used to the fact that they don't send the comments I get to my e-mail box anymore...

Well my next exams are in January/February.. Every eight weeks, although we have Christmas holiday inbetween so it will be in the next ten weeks then...

My brother doesn't even know what Thanksgiving is and the rest of us just doesn't care. I think that's because in Finland, Christmas is such a big deal that we don't need Thanksgiving XD

every eight weeks!?!? 0___0 thats quite suicidal for me

haha. my family doesnt really celebrate Christmas a whole lot. xD its kinda sad because i wanna eat all those good stuff

Well all of our terms last for about seven to eight weeks and then we have exams from all the subjects we had. Not from PE and such though, of course.

WTF?! Your family doesn't celebrate Christmas that much? That's just lame T___T I love eating all that stuff ! But then I gain weight T____T

wow my exams last only for 3 days or so. maybe a week. :P

nyahaha we dont really CELEBRATE anything really. i guess we're not so crazy about those kinda things. but i love eating anyway!! xDD

we used to celebrate more in the states, but in Europe, we dont do it so much anymore :/ i miss it~

Here exams last for a week, that's why it's called an exam week :P But this term I have to days off from school since there are days when I don't have to write anything :) I already used the another one and I'll probably go to school on my other free day too to continue on my Web Publishing project which is very unfinished atm xP

Do you get presents anyway? :P

haha. we dont have anything to do but take exams and hang around school all day. really boring xP

hmm~ well my parents get them when we ask them to, so we dont always get them right on Christmas morning and stuff like that. we just go out and get wat we want and thats all ^-^

Yeah, people seem to be hanging around in school all day here too :P

Well we celebrate Christmas on the Christmas Eve so on Christmas morning it's pretty much over for us already.. Heh :D

plzzzzz add mee...


sure! *adds* xDD