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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ
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hi thar ^-^
im narcista! i was born in japan, but currently, i live in Hungary ^-^ In this journal, you'll see alot of spazmatic moments about my oh-so-fantastic life and fandoms. lets be friends anyway! xDD

November 2007
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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ [userpic]



I made this journal locked because...

1. my friend found this LJ on Google LOLZ
2. its about time i made some things private
3. i've always wondered how it felt to have it f-locked

If you ask me to friend you, I will most likely be glad to friend you back ^-^
Unless I feel that we really don't click.
But I don't think that will happen ^-^

Mood: satisfiedsatisfied

Yay F-locked! XD

am I still added? ;;"

yes ofcourse!! i didnt delete anyone :D

hehe thank you~ ^-^-^
btw, i love your icon *drools*

Hi, I don't know how I found your journal (I think that was making click in other profile info). May I ask you if you talk/write/understand spanish? I want to add you to my friend list, but my english is still very poor and I don't write so much with it. But, if we become friends, I will comment soon or later, as well. We have a few interest in common (Claymore, Nabari no ou, fandom in general...boobs *_*),so...do you want it?

oh~ i'd love to be friends even though i cant speak spanish!! xDD
i can speak a little french if thats an option :)

but we do have common interests ^-^ can i friend you even if i can't speak spanish???

ofcourse ^-^

friends? (:

sure ^-^ added!!

had to comment because of the new picture. its EPIC xD

love you <3333

LOLOL I KNOW. I was practically nosebleeding while making this FO banner xDD
At first their physical capacity level was too high and it made me go "Eh?? How are they doing this?? *tries out by self *owowowowowowow my arm MY ARMMMM!!!! D8"

I can look at this pic for ages and it will still be the ultimate turn-on position for me xDDD
Another reason why Sweet Pool is amazing xDD

love you <3