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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ
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hi thar ^-^
im narcista! i was born in japan, but currently, i live in Hungary ^-^ In this journal, you'll see alot of spazmatic moments about my oh-so-fantastic life and fandoms. lets be friends anyway! xDD

November 2007
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ナルシストな narcista  プププッ [userpic]
i am back~ *dances*

phew. well i am back from my trip to Poland.

MAN IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDM

although it rained everyday like no tomorrow, it was really fun ^-^-^-^

day 1:
we all met at a hotel parking lot at 5:30. i forgot my iPod, tooth brush, and cellphone though. i couldnt go back to get it because dad wouldnt let me :(
we had to ride the bud for 10~12 hours to get to Poland 0_____0 man it seemed like forever!

when we got there, we went into our hotel (five star, which really surprised me cause last year, it was like a half rotten cabin). i was in a room with 2 of my close friends, which was nice, apart form the fact that they were both sick and coughing a whole lot.
that day, we just went downtown, ate dinner, and came back to the hotel.
the school curfew was at 10:30, and the teachers were checking the halls twenty-four seven, so our friends came into our rooms from the oustide window. lolz

day 2:
up and rise at 6:55. we had to leave the hotel at 8:30. we had an old age tour, going around buildings and places in Krakow. it was raining really badly and i hated the fact that i had no umbrella.
luckily, i got my friend to me put me in her umbrella, but she kept on holding it over hersef, so it was no use :( i turned into an upset wet bitch.
the tour was interesting, though i was really angry the whole time because these 3 bitches were all around my crush. argh. im still angry.

after the tour, we went into a restaurant and ate dinner there. the people danced a traditional Polish dance, which was really impressive because they would throw women over their heads when there is a chandlier right above. haha. they kept on screaming with a really high pitched voice too. 0_0

our friends came in through the window again at night. this time, we all told each other who we liked/thought was cute/hot/sexy you name it. it was really nice because i felt that we got closer than before. ^-^-^

day 3:
going to Auschwitz. raining like yesterday. my shoes smell like burnt rubber and disgusting thingiemedendums because the rain soaked through it and got my socks and everything wet. i tried drying with the hotel's dryer, but it didnt work that well, and gave me a really bad burn on my hand.
three bitches surrounding around the guy i like and it felt like hell.

Auschwit was just...breathtaking. my friend had to get taken out when she saw all the hair that was cut off during the execution. she was crying so badly she was about to go hysteric.
i started crying when we saw the shoes of theirs. there were so many it shocked me so much.

the rain, the cold, and the really heavy air brought everyone down, except for some stupid people that said, "Whens lunch?" during the tour.
wat the hell are they thinking?? some girls were even laughing during the tour...god...
in the museum, they had a big book where people can sign and write comments down. we were flipping through when we saw a page that had the Nazi sign drawn on it...i dont know who on earth did that, and i dont even wanna know, but its just wrong.
we were all about to lose ourselves when we saw two girls in our grade write,
"hey dead people. are you still sad? i hope you will get to live a happier life in the next life, if there is. haha. PS: im so cute! xD"

some people even got drunk in the freetime we had. they even smoked. im not saying they CAN NEVER SMOKE, but we're actually there for school.
god some people in my grade changed alot. ALL IN BADWAYS. *headdesk*

day 4:
we woke up at 6:45 and had to be on the bus at 7:30. we got back at 17:30. mom came to pick me up, and i went home. we ate chinese food ^-^

all in all, it was a good trip. our friends bonds got stronger, while some others got weaker. some just tied in knots. taking out the bad parts, i really really enjoyed the trip. ^-^
i missed you all~

Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Listening to: Sophie Ellis Bexter - Murderer on the Dance Floor

Yay you're back~! :D Glad you enjoyed that trip~~

three bitches surrounding around the guy i like and it felt like hell.
EXACTLY. I hate it when it happens.


yaay~ *hugs* i missed you~ xDD

OMG I KNOW. i seriously felt like i needed to kill something small and cute. lolz

i forgot my iPod, tooth brush, and cellphone
omg I wonder how could you survive the trip without those things XD

It's always nice to have a trip, glad you enjoy it! <3

i know. lolz. it still surprises me to know that i didnt go ballistic in the bus without my iPod. everybody else was listening to theirs, but i was just sitting there. xDD

thankies~ *hug hug*

Ugh I hate people who had no respect. It's the worsest thing on earth

me too. i was so angry i didnt talk to them for the rest of the trip. not once. >|

My darling is back!!! YAY! *dances* ♥

The whole trip sounds really interesting. I would have liked to have been there and knowing me I would have cried seeing the shoes and everything I mean I've seen it on TV but to actually look at it with my own two eyes would probably make me feel really depressed. X( What happened was terrible. X(

though i was really angry the whole time because these 3 bitches were all around my crush. argh. im still angry.

Eh? You have a crush? This is news to my ears! 8DDDD Stupid biatches, don't I know how that feels. They have nothing on you so let them try. HAHA. XP

i tried drying with the hotel's dryer, but it didnt work that well, and gave me a really bad burn on my hand.

OUCH! I hope your burn heals quickly sweetheart! =_=;;;;

What those people did was totally unacceptable but you know people are unfortunately like that, they don't respect or have the decency to acknowledge their surroundings. It was the same with me on my art tour, some assholes ruined one of the artworks writing bullshit (it was made out of sand so they wrote stuff in it). It makes me sick. D: Not just your grade but lots of people in general are fucked up. O_O

XDDD *tackles*

it was a really good experience. shocking to see it, but its not going to be a waste.

lolz. well i've liked him for about 2 years now. he used to like me for a year, and we knew we liked eachother, but he was too shy to ask me out so i got tired of him. lolz. and now i like him, but apparently, he doesnt like me as much as he did last year, and he thinks this new chinese girl in 11th grade is hot.

i know...screw those people. if they were the ones that died in the holocaust, they would definetely shut up.

*Is squished* :S

No not a waste at all. That's something that changes your life after you've seen it. It opens your eyes to the reality of it all and I think people need to see that. T_T Yeah shocking isn't even the word...more like disturbing.

2 years!? And I had no knowledge!? No this is not on!!! *feels left out* *TACKLE GLOMPS* YAY now I've had my revenge! 8DDD Who could be hotter than you? He obviously needs to get his eyes checked becos seriously you pwn whoever that bitch is. Me knows this. 8DDDD PWNAGE BABY!

EXACTLY. Stupid idiots. They'll get their just desserts you just wait and see.

XDDD im sry~~~ it was just so long i couldnt type everything down on LJ. *slaps self* i didnt like him so much but on the trip, i was like "GAH! MUST HAVE HIM NOOOOW!!!" lolz
you sweet little thing you~~*pokes*

*eats you alive*

*Stops you from slapping yourself* It's okay. ♥ My teddy is head over heals for someone...ahhh...I must write this down, make some sort of record of it. XDXDXD J/K. *pokes back* 8DDDD

*Is eaten*.....O_O